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chocolate pudding

It's Vegan MoFo, bitches!

Any vegan worth their salt has some backup plan for when avocados go bad. Either you got overzealous when they were on sale, or you just somehow missed one, it happens. You crack one open and come upon this sorry state. [Admittedly, this one isn’t that far gone, but you get much farther and all it’s good for is face masks.]

One of the saddest sights.

My go-to? The simple chocolate pudding. Today, since it’s cold as crap, I wanted something wintery, so I added a tiny dash of peppermint extract and it was deliiiiiiiicioooooooooous.

Let’s be honest, we may plate things up nicely for the cameras, but doesn’t everything eventually end up in old tofutti containers? Honesty for Pixley!

Chocolate Pudding


-1 ripe avocado
-1/4 c carob/chocolate powder [it’s fine using all carob, but I wouldn’t use all chocolate, you’re gonna need a lot more sweetener if you do. I like a 50/50 mix]
-1/4 c agave/maple syrup [maple tastes nicer, but it’s pretty expensive right now…]
-1/4 tsp peppermint extract

to do

1. Throw everything into a little food processor. Big one or a blender ain’t gonna cut it, you don’t have enough stuff. If you don’t have a wee little food processor, you can mash it up real good, but it’s not gonna be as smooth. I highly suggest you get a wee one, they’re totally useful when you just want a small amount of something.

2. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend!

3. Stick it in the fridge for a bit, at least an hour, so it can meld flavors better and firm up a bit.


leprechaun food

It's Vegan MoFo, bitches!

Vegan MoFo 2012 is upon us! I’m going to try really hard this year to hit the total number of posts, which I came a bit short of last year.

I have never been an oatmeal person. The mush-ness of it just wasn’t for me. But everyone and their mom was going on and on about overnight oats, so I decided to give that a try, thinking that the lack of cooking it might allow it to maintain some actual texture instead of becoming a pile of glop. The first try was not to my liking, but I remembered I had a bunch of applesauce I needed to use up, so I attempted more of an apple pie kind of taste, and it worked pretty well! The thing was, eating this, and a lunch, and a big green smoothie, and yogurt with fruit, plus whatever dinner I was going to eat…well, that was too much damn food for me. So! I had the wonderful thought of trying to get some of the smoothie goodness into the overnight oats. Turns out, adding a scoop of spirulina to the mix, while making it a crazy emerald color that is not terribly appetizing to the layman, totally didn’t affect the flavor in any way! And then I get my seaweedy goodness.

So. Before you look at this picture and go “Oh dear god, there’s no way I’m eating that,” I just have to ask you to trust me and try it once.

Also, I never measure this, I just throw stuff in until it looks right. I suggest you kind of do the same, adjusting to your liking.

Leprechaun Food
adapted from Oh She Glows


-about 1/4 c of rolled oats
-1 heaping tsp chia seeds
-1 heaping tsp of spirulina powder
-a few good dashes of cinnamon [I usually put around 1/2 tsp]
-a dash of salt
-4 good scoops of applesauce [probably 5-6 tbsp]
-almond milk [maybe about 1/2 c?]
-1 banana, sliced
-a little agave or maple syrup [omit if you are using sweetened almond milk]

to do

1. Mix together the oats, chia seeds, spirulina, cinnamon, and salt.

2. Plop in your applesauce, and then pour a bit of almond milk in, then stir very well. You don’t want spirulina getting stuck in the corners or blobs of it unincorporated. It is so much worse than when you get a ball of hot chocolate powder left, believe me.

3. Slice up your banana [I like to cut it lengthwise, and then slice it, so you have smaller bits], and add to the mix. Mush it in a bit.

4. You want the end mix to be a bit runny, so add more almond milk if you need it.

5. Add a bit of agave or maple syrup if it needs to be a bit sweeter. This can also be adjusted in the morning.

6. Seal it up, stick it in the fridge overnight, and grab it on your way to work!

black bean dip

I’ve had a lot of food-based ennui lately, so I haven’t been to the store in forever.  I still get hungry, though, so I had to figure something out tonight based on what I just happened to have in the house.  Luckily I had been soaking some black beans so I decided to figure out some sort of dip.  A black bean hummus, if you will.  I’m pretty pleased with the result.

Like pretty much everything, freshly cooked beans are waaaaaaaay better than canned beans.  But if you’re in a hurry or just lazy [which I am totally down with], use about a can and a half of beans for this recipe.  In the same lazy vein, or if you’re sadly somewhere where it’s hard to get dried chipotles, you can use ground chipotle powder.  Which also still might be hard to find, but it’s totally worth it.  Just try to make sure it’s plain ground chipotle and not some “chipotle seasoning” that’s full of sugar and preservatives and crap.

Also, the joy of blended things like this is that it’s pretty hard to screw up.  Keep tasting as you go, add more or less of something [always start with less, as it’s much easier to add more than to take out, as you might imagine], change it up to suit you.  I like things crazy spicy, so I go nuts, but if you don’t, leave out the chipotles and just add a bit of liquid smoke if you have it.  It’ll give a vaguely similar flavor without the heat.  And in case you didn’t know, most of the heat of peppers is in the seeds, so if you scrape that jalapeno clean, you should be fine there, too.

Aaaaaaaaaand now that the dip is all done, it has just occurred to me that I don’t have anything to dip in it or spread it on.  Soooo there’s that.

Black Bean Dip


-3c cooked black beans
-3 dried chipotle chilis [if using ground, add to taste]
-1/4c sun-dried tomatoes
-1 small onion
-1 jalapeno
-juice of one lime
-3 cloves garlic
-1 tbsp salt [more or less to taste]
-1 tbsp oil [+more for cooking onion and jalapeno]

to do

1.  Cook your beans, if you’re going with fresh.  In the last 20 minutes or so, throw the chipotles and sun-dried tomatoes in with the beans so they will reconstitute.  If you’re using canned beans, just boil some water alone for the chipotles and sun-dried tomatoes.  Just make sure they’re nice and soft before you take them out.  You don’t want a hard, chewy chunk in your dip.

2.  Start cooking your onion and jalapeno about the same time as the chipotles and tomatoes go in with the beans.  They don’t have to be diced or anything, just slice them up enough that they can cook.  It’s nice to let the onions carmelize a little, let the jalapeno get a little dark.

3.  When those are all done cooking, throw everything  on the ingredient list in your food processor.  Blend everything up.  I like to leave it a little chunky, but blend to whatever consistency you prefer.  Taste it as you go, adding more of something if you think it needs it.

4.  Pack it up and stick in the fridge.  You can eat it right away, sure, but the flavors will blend and develop more if you let them sit for a little while.  Like at least an hour.