daiya wedges

It's Vegan MoFo, bitches!

Ladies and gentlemen… I have had my vegan mind blown.

For I have finally gotten to taste the Daiya hard cheese wedges. The Jack style, to be precise. Normally when I make a [vegan] toasted cheeser, I add tomato, avocado, and cayenne, but I tasted a little piece before I made the sandwich, and froke out. So nothing but the cheese on this one [well, I added a little cayenne. I kind of need spice on everything now.]

Look at the drippiness! Gaaaaaaaah! I want another right now. Shame on me for waiting until it was on sale. But you can be sure I’m loading up before that sale ends…


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We like tricking people into eating delicious food that just happens to be vegan. We also like tiny little forks. They make us feel like giants. We also like using the royal we, it would seem... View all posts by wee forks

One response to “daiya wedges

  • ameyfm

    oh, hello!!! I still haven’t tried the Daiya wedges, but I really like regular Daiya… so I will have to hunt some down pronto. We had grilled cheese for dinner tonight too!

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