Daily Archives: 10.21.2012

oh folly…

It's Vegan MoFo, bitches!

I used to work at a raw vegan place. So, as you will do, I bought random things that I wasn’t really sure what to use for, but was promised that I’d start using it in everything! I clearly did not, as I haven’t been at that place in almost two years, and I still have this small bag of lucuma powder sitting in the back of my cupboard.

As I was going through my ginormous pile of recipes in my Evernote, I came across this: raw caramel chips that use lucuma! Just a few ingredients, all stuff I had, I was all gung ho!

First problem? It’s such a small amount, too small for my powerful food processor, but a little too much work for my wee food processor. So the cashews got *mostly* ground up, but… well, not really. But it was paste-like enough that I was ready to move forward.

I started off with the prettiest of intentions. But after I got the whole batch loaded into my decorating bag with my little star tip… of course those less-than-chopped cashews plugged the whole thing up, so I had to keep going in and fishing out cashew bits with a toothpick. I was ready to keep pushing forward, but when the bag burst right by the tip, I went, “Eff this!” and dumped the whole thing out on the teflex, spread it thin, planning to chop them into not-as-pretty-but-still-delicious chunks when they got dried out.

So yeah. While the recipe is tasty [the lucuma gives it a nice fruity creamy flavor that isn’t really something I can relate to anything else], I think next time it might just be blended up and used as frosting, to be honest.