Daily Archives: 10.08.2012

wilted kale salad with chipotle avocado dressing

It's Vegan MoFo, bitches!

Everyone has a favorite kale salad, right? Right? Well, most vegans do, anyway. Mine is this one!

The Raw Chef has an awesome wilted kale salad with chipotle avocado dressing. In my laziness/no time for morning things, I tend to just mash all the dressing stuff into the kale, rather than blending it together. Which also means I use chipotle powder instead of whole chipotles. On special occasions, I’ll go to the trouble, but most of the time, I’m throwing things together while going, “crap, crap, crap, I should have left already…”

But this salad, dear lord. So freaking good. It’s the Mister’s favorite salad. An outstanding addition is making the seitan chorizo from Viva Vegan, cooking it crunchy in chunks, and throwing that in. It’s definitely more spicy that way, so backing off on the chipotles is a good idea at that point. My cousin also made it once with tamarind replacing the agave, and that was pretty outstanding as well!