crazy rich fancy pants rice krispie treats

It's Vegan MoFo, bitches!

I feel like something as basic as a Rice Krispie treat is something that is taken for granted in the non-vegan world. Sure, we can sometimes find a peanut butter one, but even the premade pb ones at Whole Foods have dairy in them. Meh. Trader Joes has a premade box of vegan rice krispie treats, but they are… underwhelming to say the least.

So, we end up making our own. And I just can’t stomach spending $5 on a bag of Dandies and kind of wasting them on something like rice krispie treats. I’d rather savor them in their whole form, in smores, or hot chocolate, rather than burying them.

So my standard recipe has become a version of this one at Namely Marly. Until last night, though, I had never bothered with the peanut butter cream cheese layer.

Holy crap, were these rich as hell. When I make baked goods, Mister usually eats quite a few of them. Last night, he had one. Hell, I could probably have been good with half a bar. Not that I would ever manage to stop at that, but… yeah.

I used brown rice syrup instead of corn syrup, did not add the optional cocoa powder, used 72% dark chocolate for the top, and sprinkled grey Celtic sea salt on the top. Lord. I took some into the studio this morning and all the omnivores said, “Oh my god…” the second it went in their mouths.

While not the richest thing I’ve ever made [that would be a double fudge cheesecake, in pregan times], it’s a close second. On regular occasions, I’ll probably leave out the pb cream cheese layer. And I’ll probably try them with almond butter sometime. But you should totally make them in full at least once.


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