Daily Archives: 10.02.2012

fresh ginger ale

It's Vegan MoFo, bitches!

Vegan Mania was this weekend, and believe me, I stuffed myself full of delicious vegan food.

The thing I was most excited about, though? Ginger Ale.

I used to love Reeds Extra Premium Ginger Beer, but then it switched from sugar to honey sweetener, and that meant that we were no longer friends.

Lately, I’ve been crushing on Fentimans, which is pretty damn good, and has a hell of a kick. But sometimes I don’t want something that’s so strong it’ll take me a number of hours to drink it. So I was very pleased when they were sampling this Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale that I had seen but never gotten the chance to taste. It’s got the bite, but it’s not crazy strong, it’s just crisp and nice.

So yeah, if you can find this in your area and you want a ginger beer that isn’t as strong, I can highly suggest it! Plus, it’s just water, fresh ginger, and sugar! Yea for lack of weird additives!