creamsicle ice cream – take one

It's Vegan MoFo, bitches!

As mentioned previously, I got Mom’s unused ice cream maker while back in Iowa. So despite the fact that it’s getting quite chilly here, I have been wanting to make ice cream. And since I overloaded on sugar last weekend, I wanted to make one that wouldn’t require me adding a pantload of it.

So I was quite pleased when I remembered Hannah’s Purple Cow ice cream recipe. It’s so easy peasy, and no added sugar! But Trader Joe’s didn’t have any grape juice concentrate, and the one at Whole Foods was $5. Boo. But Trader Joe’s did have [organic] orange juice concentrate for $3, so of course, “Creamsicles!” busts into my head.

I mixed it up according to the Purple Cow recipe, and added a tablespoon of [bourbon] vanilla. Which might have been my first problem, as the stuff just would not freeze up in the machine. It was still just liquidy when the machine shut off after 45 minutes. So I poured it in a container and stuck it in the freezer, giving it a couple manual stirs while it froze overnight.

Got it out this morning, and while it wasn’t hard as a rock, it certainly wasn’t ice cream textured. It was more like a granita. But still good? Actually, it was a little…saturated? and off for me. Like the ratio of oj concentrate to almond milk was not right. But it certainly didn’t need any sugar, so that was nice. I’ll probably just end up mixing it in to smoothies rather than eating it plain.

I’ll keep working on it. I will get an awesome creamsicle ice cream recipe, I promise you that.


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