It's Vegan MoFo, bitches!

Migas! Very similar to chilaquiles, but slightly different. Also, if you’re Spanish or Portuguese, we’re thinking of different things. The Mister is Texican, and a version of this is the first thing he ever made me. So every time he goes out of town, I make them, as they are my comfort food. But I will absolutely make them any time, empty house or not.

What veggies/faux meats you throw in there can vary, much like stir fry. But the basis is the salsa, tortillas, and eggs [which, of course, we do with tofu.] I’m going to list here what I did today. Sometimes people eat this with more tortillas and beans, but I find that this does me pretty well just on its own.



-vegetable oil [you can use olive, but it’s not going to taste as authentic]
-1 package tofu, drained and pressed
-nutritional yeast
-2″ thick pile of corn tortillas, cut into strips
-1/2 c salsa
-1 onion, sliced
-1 jalapeño, sliced
-2 tomatoes, diced
-4 tomatillos, diced
-1/2 c nopales [that’s cactus, kids]
-cayenne to taste
-1 bunch cilantro, roughly chopped [leaves only]

to do

1. Make your tofu eggs. Crumble the tofu into a cast-iron pan with a dash of the oil. Salt and nooch it. Cook through until it resembles scrambled eggs. Remove from pan and set aside.
2. Put a bit of oil in the pan and cook up your tortilla strips. Add some lime juice and salt if you have it. Cook until they are starting to get brown and crispy. Remove from pan and set aside.
3. Yup, just a little more oil. Saute your onion and jalapeño, stirring occasionally. When the onions are starting to turn translucent, start throwing in your other veggies [tomatoes, tomatillos, nopales], for maybe 5 minutes more.
4. Add in your salsa and let it all cook down a little bit. Add salt and cayenne to taste.
5. Mix in your tofu eggs. Let that cook for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally, so the tofu can soak up the flavors.
6. Add the cilantro and taste one last time, adding more salt or cayenne if it needs it.
7. Top your plate with a handful of the cooked tortilla strips, then add a big honkin scoop of your veggie/tofu mix.

Yea! Migas!


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