new pioneer co-op

It's Vegan MoFo, bitches!

So yeah, after being overwhelmed with work, now I’m back in Iowa for my family’s Thanksgiving/Christmas [long story.] Which makes even cooking a challenge, let alone making something blog-worthy. I am from an extremely rural area. Extremely. Let’s put it this way: the nearest McDonald’s is 30 miles away. So you can imagine that the local grocery store [singular] is not exactly swimming in vegan yogurt. So I end up bringing bags of stuff from Chicago, things like nutritional yeast, chia seeds, kale, snacks, etc.

But there is one shiny diamond on the trip: Iowa City. The bluest little dot in a land of red. Hippie-run college town. You better believe they got stuff for me. And it’s exactly halfway between Chicago and my hometown. We don’t usually have time to stop and have lunch at some place like Masala or The Red Avocado [though I hit them a lot when I was going to college there.]

What I always have time for? New Pioneer Co-Op. It’s like a tiny Whole Foods, only way more awesome. And sure, I’m not a member, so I pay a little extra, but it’s totally worth it.

You kids know how food on a long road trip goes: either Subway or Clif Bars. Neither of which is overwhelming. So what did I have for lunch today?

-awesome sandwich called Cashew On a Hot Tin Roof [store-made sourdough bread, spicy cashew spread, spinach, tomato, peppers]
-blueberry Wildwood yogurt
-giant cinnamon roll

I mean, crap. That’s an awesome lunch, but to get that in the middle of Iowa? That’s freakin’ sweet. Sometimes I’ll get a hot chocolate or a fresh juice [apple, beet, lemon, ginger is my favorite], but today I was happy with just what I got.

So yeah. If you’re ever near Iowa City, know that they totally have you covered. Yea hippies!


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One response to “new pioneer co-op

  • cadryskitchen

    New Pi is amazing! It’s unbelievable that sandwiches in the back of a Co-op served in a brown paper bag could be so good, but they really are. Their rockin’ (tempeh) reuben with avocado instead of cheese is my favorite.

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