justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups

It's Vegan MoFo, bitches!

I have been crazy busy at work this week, so I have totally let MoFo fall to the wayside. I promise to get caught up, though!

So I’m going to talk about how awesome Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are. Before going vegan, Reese’s were my favorite candy bar. I remember getting super pissed when, about a month after I went vegan, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream came out. Bah. Mister and I go trick-or-treating every year [in costume, and yes people give us candy even though we’re both in our 30’s], and every time I see the coveted Reese’s go into my bag, I have a mix of remembered excitement quickly followed by disappointment. I can’t eat it. I have to trade it away for Twizzlers [which are tasty, don’t get me wrong.]

So when I finally found Justin’s at Whole Foods, I flipped. Yeah yeah, I could make peanut butter cups at home, but sometimes you just want to grab a treat and have it, you know? So knowing that they exist just makes everything easier sometimes. And knowing that they’re fair trade and organic makes it even better.

That’s my little treat I’ll get myself sometimes. Or, if the jar of Chocolate Peanut Butter is on sale, I grab one of those like it’s my job. A spoonful of that, and you’re ready to dodge all the d-bags that get thrown at you. So go find some!


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2 responses to “justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups

  • FoodFeud

    Haha, I can’t believe you torture yourself going trick or treating, knowing you will only be able to trade for Twizzlers (and hope for the occasional Sour Patch!) That’s dedication.
    I haven’t tried any Justin’s products, but I hear they’re amazing.

    • wee forks

      It’s more about the doing. My coworkers are always very happy to take the non-vegan stuff off my hands. And sometimes I get lucky and someone has Swedish Fish! But yeah, we usually end up with about seven pounds of candy, each. It’s pretty sweet.

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